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Top Level Domains Price List

Extensions (TLD) Register Renew Transfer
.com popular ₦9,000 ₦10,000 ₦10,000
.info sale ₦21,000 ₦21,000 ₦21,000
.org ₦8,000 ₦9,000 ₦9,000 ₦2000 ₦2000 ₦2000
.ng ₦6000 ₦6000 ₦6000
.store ₦3,500 ₦3,500 ₦3,500
.online ₦1,800 ₦1,800 ₦1,800
.ngo ₦30,000 ₦30,000 ₦30,000
.app ₦18,000 ₦18,000 ₦18,000
.company new ₦13,000 ₦13,000 ₦13,000

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Frequently Asked Questions

We could go into the long explanation but the short answer is yes you can. If you have a website already built but you’re thinking about changing web hosting partners, you may have some questions. Is your data safe during the transition? Will the process take a long time or disrupt service for your clients? Will the migration affect stored files? These are all legitimate questions. The good news: migrating a WordPress site to a new server is really not complicated, though there are several important steps along the way.

The main difference between WordPress hosting and web hosting is that WordPress hosting is usually optimized around WordPress and might include some additional features like premium plugins, which is not offered with regular web hosting. Web hosting is an umbrella term that refers to all types of hosting services.

To easily explain all the different types of WordPress hosting solutions, we have categorized them into the most commonly used WordPress plans: Shared Self-Hosted WordPress Plans – Good for small websites & blogs. Managed Hosting WordPress Plans – Good for larger websites. Fully Hosted WordPress Plans – Very expensive – not recommended. offers an affordable, robust, hosted email solution called Professional Email, which gives you the ease of managing email from your account.